Rewriting the Wrongs: Self-Acceptance

Examine what narratives you have invested in that impact your self-esteem and perception of your body image then implement tools that will help you challenge and reframe the negative narratives that you have learned to embrace throughout life.  Ilov Grate has embraced rewriting the wrongs through mindful motion.

Ilov Grate

Ilov Grate is a storyteller, poet, movement architect and shamanista of sensuality. She is the creatrix of Celebrated Sinner, a solo show about her journey from being a 'fresh little girl' to discovering her own holy trinity through the unification of sensuality, sexuality and spirituality. Know as The Queen of Lap Dance, her erotic performance art has been featured in a variety of NYC shows. When not on stage, Ilov uses her body whispering talents and 10+ years of experience to guide women in Mindful Motion to find their unique movement expression in classes, workshops and private consultation.

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