Black Women in Politics

Explore the journey of Black Women in Politics from the beginning to now and where they are headed and what they have in store; Check out interview with Taylor Raynor- Candidate of New York Assembly for the 18th District


NYS Assemblywoman-

District 18

Taylor Raynor

What is her platform?

My platform is called Excellence for the 18th.

The platform encompasses 3 pillars.

The first pillar is EXCELLENT Education and Training For All.

This means everyone from high school seniors to senior citizens may receive training in a variety of skills to succeed.

Incorporating the earn while you learn apprenticeship model as an option for high school students will only make our community stronger.

Excellent training will also give our seniors a meaningful second act or a dignified retirement.

The second pillar is EXCELLENT Quality of Life.

We are literally products of our environment and if we raise our children with low standards, those standards are what they carry forward.

We need failproof plans to repair broken roads and to provide solutions for zombie houses.

I will fix our streets.

I will get the trash picked up.

I will make you proud to call our community your home.

Finally, and most importantly, the third pillar is Health is Wealth.

Without our health, we are automatically starting behind.

Every family, every senior, and every child in this district deserves to be happy and healthy.

I plan to bring fresh, healthy options to our community.

Why do we have so many fast food restaurants but so few juice bars?

We deserve more healthy options.