Young, Gifted & Black

I love this episode and I am sure you will too! Flo Ngala a fearless and phenomenal creative shares her story. Tune in to hear the ins and outs of a young, gifted, and black creative that clearly has no limits while she shares her journey and how her strengths and struggles impact her. 

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Flo Ngala is a 23 year old photographer, creative and visual artist from Harlem, NY. Over the past two years her work has begun to catch the eyes of quite a few thanks to affiliations with a few of music's biggest acts, namely past work with Cardi B and Gucci Mane as their personal photographers. But this has by no means limited her from exploring photography in as many aspects as possible. In the past year she has worked on campaigns with Nike, Reebok and Facebook, as well as landed a cover shot for The New York Times, their first issue of 2019.

Ten years ago, at age 13, Ngala was first introduced to photography in school. She became incredibly passionate about image making and creative work, aspiring to pursue a career as a Photographer and Creative Director. It was a chance opportunity in 2016 which she accredits to opening the first door for her into the business, when rap star Remy Ma called for ice skaters of color to appear in a music video for hit record All The Way Up, Ngala captured moments on set as well as appeared in the video and from there launched a relationship with Atlantic Records after one of its vice presidents took to her work.

She has now had the privilege of working with a few of the label’s acts, and traveling on their behalf throughout the country. Clients like Nike, Reebok,, Ford and The New York Times have also been added to her list and she continues to create in other ways via portraiture and photojournalism, contact her here.

Bailey Jeremie